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2:31 pm - July 31, 2007
it is so ungodly hot outside i can't stand it! just took tim to work and so i am back at my house, hiding in the air conditioning. thank god no work i have all day to lounge around shamelessly and do what i want...and right now that means eating cold leftover pork lo mein out of the carton and watching whose wedding is it anyway.

i think i need to increase my dose again. i woke up this morning feeling uncomfortable and by the time i got to the methadone clinic i was having cold sweats. after i got medicated i was fine. right now i'm on 55 mgs and ive had to increase it twice since ive been pregnant...they say it's normal because as the baby grows bigger, it eats up more of the methadone, so you usually need to increase your dose.

yesterday me and tim went up to the ob-gyn for my check-up. i am offically 29 weeks pregnant (i'm due in early october) but i have the belly of a woman who is 33 weeks pregnant (the doctor measured me) so that means my baby is huge!!! tim was 10 lbs when he was born. i knew i was gonna have a big baby. i'm just glad he's healthy.

in other news, i have decided to start writing a book. i am still plotting and playing around with the premise but it's basically gonna be an edgy novel about a twenty-something girl who starts working as an escort. (escort or stripper...not sure yet) ive always wanted to write a book and so this is a fun project for me while i'm laying around my house pregnant. and who knows? maybe it will get published! what i do need though is to find somebody objective to bounce ideas off of and help me edit. ok well back to my delicious day of doing absolutely nothing....

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